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We may be practicing social distancing, but that doesn't mean we're not there for you. We know that periods stop for nothing—even global pandemics. That's why we'll ship you a menstrual cup for FREE! 

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A health Companion for vagina-havers

A health Companion for vagina-havers

When you hit our line, there’s always a human being on the other end. No bots here. Sorry, Alexa

Real talk with real people.

Information about your body that doesn’t require a medical degree to understand.

Real talk for real people.

You know that one thing you can’t quite figure out? We can help you with that. We figure out the best solutions for you.

Curated with care.

We don’t recommend anything we wouldn’t put on (or in!) our own bodies.

(Over)sharing is caring.

Let's talk sex, masturbation, periods, funky smells, weird stains on your underwear – anything. Let's just talk.

THE Cooch


Easy-to-digest info so you don’t feel lost. First hand experiences so you don’t feel alone. Learn about exploring in the bedroom, dealing with period cramps, coping with your positive STI results and more.

Join the vagina squad

Get answers to your burning questions (both literally and figuratively), read the latest in our VERY personal Ovee blog, become a member of our community of women supporting women  💖💖💖

The vag lab

We know that putting anything in, on, or around your vagina is pretty risky. That’s why we try it on ourselves first and give you the low-down in our borderline TMI product reviews.  

OUR bestsellers


We thought about it so you don’t have to. Shop our curated selection of the best in sex toys, periods products, box bundles and more. 



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