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Ovee is a sexual & reproductive health hub empowering vagina-havers with the supportive community they need to decide what is right for them, on their terms. 
We are a community of designers, artists, developers, and medical professionals who have dedicated our lives to giving women agency over their health. Ovee was born out of love and frustration — love (SO much love) for our fellow vagina-havers and our bodies, and the deeply frustrating, and often times isolating, experience that comes with navigating it all. The world has shied away from our bodies, on a social, educational and political level – and now WE'RE HERE. And we're not going anywhere!

Contact Us

Contact Us

Got a problem with an order? Have questions about your health? Do you have a story, product, or suggestion you would like to share? Let us know, we are here for you!

Thanks for reaching out, we appreciate you! 💖

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