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Womanly Magazine

Issue No. 5: Stressed Out!


In this issue, we've compiled stories, poetry, and art that remind us that we aren't alone in struggling with stress. We've also included accessible health information, resources, and tools to help you address stressors and lead a happier, healthier life.

We know that stress is something that faces all of our readers, and sometimes it can be really difficult to manage. In this issue, we've included accessible health information to help you to understand the impact of stress on your health, along with resources and tools to help you better manage stress. We're also sharing stories, poetry, art work, and more to remind you that you're not alone in these experiences, and that it's possible for you to get to a happier, healthier place.

Every magazine sold allows Womanly to give 5 free magazines to underserved women around the country. Click here to read more about how we give and the communities where our magazines are distributed.

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