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We know that everyone can’t stockpile, panic-buy or bulk up on goods, but we believe that no one should have to worry about menstrual products, especially in the middle of a crisis. Pick from a menstrual cup, a month’s supply of tampons or pads, and we’ll ship it to you (or a friend) — free of charge. With support from our friends at Public Goods, we’re there for you, through quarantine and all. ​ *While supplies last

***UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming response, we are currently pausing orders until we have more inventory. fill out the form below to be notified when we’re back in stock! We want to get as many period products to as many people as possible. we will be up and running soon


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Help a fellow menstruator by making a small donation so we can continue to provide period products for free! Your support means everything 💖


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