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Get a Free Menstrual Cup

We know that everyone can’t stockpile, panic-buy or bulk up on goods, but we believe that no one should have to worry about menstrual products, especially in the middle of a crisis. Pick your menstrual cup size and we’ll ship it to you (or a friend) — free of charge. With support from our friends at Public Goods, The Honeypot Co, JUNE Cup, Sustain Natural, and Saalt, we’re there for you, through quarantine and all. 


Choose your cup size:

** Notes on Sizing: Size B cups are recommended for menstruators that have either given birth vaginally or have a condition called Menorrhagia. 


Help a fellow menstruator by making a small donation so we can continue to provide period products for free! Your support means everything 💖

Already stocked up?

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