A guide to finding the best birth control for you

By Jackie Goodwin

Starting or switching birth control is a big decision, and most of us don’t know the delicate intricacies of our female body as teenagers and young adults. If you’re thinking about trying birth control for the first time or switching to a new form of birth control, it’s important to equip yourself with tools to make informed decisions that advocate for your own health. As much as it can be a challenge, deciding which birth control method works for you is a valuable exercise in getting to know your own body and protecting yourself.

Why do you need birth control?

There are a few reasons for going on birth control, the first being protection against unwanted pregnancy. In this instance, you have an array of options to choose from. If you have multiple partners, you should have protection from sexually transmitted diseases, which are preventable by using an internal or external condom, or condoms worn on a penis/toy, or worn inside a vagina. For painful periods or the desire to reduce period frequency, talk to your healthcare provider about hormonal options to prevent pregnancy while managing menstrual cycle symptoms.