Cleaning up, cleaning up: How one founder is tackling that awkward post-sex issue

By Frances Tang

Sex. A lot of us have it, but most of us don’t feel comfortable talking about it - even to their own partner.

“AUGHHH!” I war cried as I crossed my legs, tactically rolled off the bed, and sprinted to the bathroom. My husband and I had just finished having sex, and it was time to clean up.

“There’s just so much” I lamented out loud as I hovered over the toilet, grabbing mounds of toilet paper in an attempt to wipe up the gooey aftermath. I quickly thought about what I needed to do that day, and decided to jump into the shower and dig it out with my finger — it would be much better than going out in public and feeling a familiar gush, that would send me running to the bathroom yet again. I sighed, tur