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How do I tell my partner I have a bacterial infection?

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

By Gabby V.

Let’s face it, sometimes the bacteria in our vagina’s are out to get us.

If you’ve ever had a vaginal infection, you know how uncomfortable it can be, making us feel not like our usual goddess selves.

Discharge. Fishy odor. Unbearable itching. Not at the top of everyone’s conversation starters.

If you’ve tested positive for Bacterial Vaginosis, here are some tips to make you feel comfortable and confident bringing this up with your partner.

1. You are not alone

Vaginal infections are super common! Talk with your female friends and I’m sure all of them have had at least one type of vaginal infection at some point in their life.

2. It doesn’t mean yoU are promiscuous or unsafe

Many vaginal infections can occur without the involvement of any sexual activity! Infections occur when the delicate balance of good and bad bacteria is thrown off. Even when wearing a condom or being monogamous, these things can happen.

3. Your partner will appreciate your honesty

Nobody wants to have sex when it’s not fun for both parties. Infections can make sex extremely uncomfortable which isn’t sexy for either of you. Hold off on the sexy time until both of you can enjoy it.

4. Sets the standard for open conversation

Talking about BV also can initiate other important conversations partners should have. Like, “sweetie-[pet name], when’s the last time you were tested?” A lot of the symptoms of BV can be mistaken for STI’s and getting your testing done while looking for the culprit can often times encourage your partner to get tested as well.

5. If they can’t handle you at your itchiest, they don’t deserve you at your…whatever the opposite of itchiest is

If someone isn’t willing to have a discussion about your vagina, do they really deserve access to it? Talking about what’s causing your funky discharge might be uncomfortable at first, but remind them that over 50% of the population has a vagina and it’s time for us to have an open dialog about our health.


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