Pregaming Birth: What Actually Happens To Your Vagina Before You Give Birth?

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

By Katherine Schreiber

You probably know the basics of childbirth — you’re pregnant for about nine months, your water breaks, you go into labor … etc. You may be aware that this process is simultaneously painful, arduous, beautiful, incredible and debilitatingly exhausting (though, as many moms will attest: #totallyworthit).

But what exactly happens to your body when (and after) you give birth — whether via C-section or vaginal delivery? More specifically: What exactly happens to your vagina? We spoke with three women who’ve been through the birthing process (some, multiple times) and two gynecologists to get the no-frills, actual truth about what to expect if you’re expecting … or just curious about the lengths (and widths!) your vagina can possibly go to, to bring a child into the world.