Getting off while staying in: A guide to (safe!) sex in quarantine

By Maddy Siriouthay, Co-founder

When you work from home, socialize via Zoom and are heating up wayyyyy too many meals-for-one, going a little stir-crazy is understandable. Also, let’s face it: we’re all horny as hell. Social distancing is impeding on our hoe activities — for the better — but it’s only human to crave physical intimacy. We’ve compiled a guide to spice up your sex life (or the lack thereof): for the single or for the couple who may have fallen into a quarantine routine. A quar-routine, if you will.

First thing’s first…

No matter how horny, how lonely, how healthy you think you are, STAY TF INSIDE and touch your damn self instead. If you don’t feel symptoms, you could still be a carrier and put other, more vulnerable people at risk. Imagine if you got someone seriously sick because you were too horny to stay inside — how embarrassing, right? This is the only hard sex-negative stance I will take. Masturbate for public health!