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HPV Vaccine for ALL (or at least more!) of Us!

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

By April Autry

Have you heard? The HPV vaccine is now FDA approved for people up to the age of 45!

HPV, known by its full name as human papillomavirus, is a group of more than 200 viruses that are suuuuper common. Even the CDC has reported that nearly anyone who has ever had sex, males and females, get HPV at some point in their lives. Most are not a big deal, but there are several that can infect skin and mucous membranes via sexual contact, causing normal cells to change.


Sounds scary, and maybe a little gross, but usually our bodies are really good at fighting the infection and the cells go back to normal (Fun Fact: NOT smoking helps your body get rid of HPV!). There is currently no cure for HPV, but (and its a big but) 9 out of 10 HPV infections will disappear all by themselves in two years!

So, if HPV is no big deal, why do we care if we get infected?

Because some types of HPV are classified as "high risk" and can cause cancer–– cancer of the cervix, the vulva, the vagina, the penis, the anus, the mouth, and throat. No thank you!!

In women, HPV is responsible for about 3% of all of our cancers. That’s the bad news. The great news? The HPV vaccine can prevent infection and is now available for you to start, or complete, your vaccine series (either 2-3 injections depending on age) until you are 45 years old.

Don’t wait! Get yourself vaccinated! Your partner(s)! Your friends! And make sure the children in your world are vaccinated too (we can start at age 9).

Preventing cancer causing HPV is soooo sexy! Protect your parts!


Are you looking for a place to get the HPV vaccine???

We can help. Message us in our chat right now! Like seriously do it. Right now.



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