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Is your birth control method not doing it for you?

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

By April Autry

Then you're in luck! The FDA is happy to help and just approved TWO new contraception options!

The first is Annovera, a REUSABLE ring that is inserted in your vagina (don’t worry - you won’t feel it, your partner won’t feel it, and it shouldn’t pop off onto a sex toy or anyone’s penis). Like Nuvaring, Annovera is left in for three weeks and then out for a week, during which time, you’ll have some withdrawal bleeding (aka a faux menses). Unlike Nuvaring, Annovera can be used again and again for up to a year. This means, more time NOT spent going for refill appointments or pharmacy pick-ups. Yes please!


The FDA has also granted approval for fertility monitoring via an app (how very tech friendly!) and the FIRST available digital method of birth control! Natural Cycles uses information about our periods, and our body temperature to let us know when we need special “protection.” In clinical studies, natural cycles was 93% effective with typical use––that's slightly better than condoms!

Both new methods have pretty great results, with rates of less than 4% of women getting pregnant within a year (with perfect use). So cheers to us choosing when, and if we want to conceive, and more options for us in achieving those goals!



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