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Meet Your Ovee Medical Advisor

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

By April Autry

As females, or female identifying persons, we are more than our hole, more than our vaginas.

We are each comprised of unique experiences, identities, desires, feelings, values and so much more. And it is these aspects of us, that create our whole being. A being deserving of complete and holistic care.

I'm a healthcare provider who has been practicing medicine for more than a decade (how can I be that old?!), there is no greater privilege or joy, than partnering with another person in his or her own health, especially if it includes empowering females in better knowing their own bodies and taking charge of their healthcare decision

Think of me as your personal clinician on call! Who although may not be the one to do your exam, or order your lab tests, or even write your prescriptions, what I CAN do for you is: Answer those awkward/strange/seemingly obvious questions, equip you with tools to improve your relationship with your real life healthcare provider, keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world of medicine, how it relates to our bodies, and what to do with that information … and so much more!


I am passionate about advocating for, and advancing human rights, particularly the rights of women and of girls. I have had the incredible opportunity to work with females in a variety of settings: from those who were trafficked and sexually abused in Cambodia, to adolescents in a middle and high school clinic in one of the poorest neighborhoods in NYC, to providing access to women’s health in a rural township of Jamaica, to a family detention center near the border in Texas, to where I am currently, in the refugee camps of Bangladesh … and now to you!

I studied medicine at Pace University and Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and received my master in public health degree, with a focus on international health, from the University of Liverpool. This makes me qualified and licensed to take care of the individual but also trained not to lose sight of the larger population. Yes, our vaginas are very special, important bits of who we are. But they are not the sum of us or the entirety of what defines us as female. Let’s continue to talk and learn from one another, about how we can be our best, most healthy and complete selves.


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