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Our holiday Gift guide 🍑🍑🍑

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Let's get real, Holiday shopping can be the worst. Especially for those people in your life that are hard as f#%@k to shop for.

Ovee's got your back! Instead of buying the vagina havers in your life shit they don't need, check out these fun–– yet super useful–– gift ideas your loved ones will be thanking their lucky ovaries for.


For the person in your life that loses their keys AND wants to fight the patriarchy

Original Ovee keychains make a great stocking stuffer for all of the estrogen allies in your life.

For the person in your life that always wants to have their tits out but hates the draft

Free the nip! Look cute wearing this Ovee Tee AND support Ovee on our mission to provide women with sexual & reproductive health resources.

For the person in your life that’s not afraid to take fashion risks

Yeah we’re wearing emoji vaginas on our ears. Yeah maybe one pair says “sex.” Yeah they’re bright neon. It’s #fashun.

Menstruation station

For the person in your life that has soul crushing periods

Here are two products that we're OBSESSED with:

Chica Chocolate

Chica Chocolate is a chocolate truffle infused with traditional Chinese herbs that makes your cramps better. Need I say more? A three month subscription makes the perfect gift for the menses afflicted people in your life.

Food Period

Is your cycle irregular? Are your periods unbearable? Food period can help! The company uses the practice of seed syncing to help regulate your body’s hormones. Not only have Jane’s period cramps gotten better, but the Vanilla Almond bites make a delicious mid-morning snack.

For the person in your life that wants to let it bleed

KNIX athletic thong undies

We’ve tried at least 5 different period undies and across the board, Knix thong underwear was our favorite. Not too thick, comfortable, breathable, and most importantly not yeast or bacterial infection inducing!

Cute Fruit Undies

If you want to smear Mike Pence’s face with your menstrual blood, Cute Fruit Undies, is also a solid choice. Their underwear is made of cotton and perfect for sleeping. They also have non-Pence-faced undies if having an evil man's face on your panties isn't your thing.


For the person in your life that needs to get off more (could be you #treatyoself)

THE squish

Squish. It's as fun to say as it is to hold. Top of our personal list for go to vibrators! The harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibration. It even lets you customize your vibes for maximum pleasure.

For when you really want to buy something for yourself but disguise it as a gift for your partner

the fin

FIN Vibrator from Dame. TBH was not super impressed with this for solo play BUT was perfect with a partner to FIN-ish me off ;) (did you see what I did


For the person in your life that needs things to go a little smoother

Sustain natural personal lubricant

Wetter IS better. We tried out a variety of lubes and Sustain was our favorite because it didn't leave a greasy residue. Worked well with a partner and for solo play. Not to mention the water base didn't upset our vag's delicate pH balance.


That's all she wrote! Hopefully you were able to find a guiding light in a sea of bad perfume sets and gift cards. If you're still at a loss (even after this AMAZINGLY curated list), a one year subscription to our BOX BOX is the gift that keeps on giving and shows your loved one you care...

...about their sexual and reproductive health and wellness.


Do you love a product that wasn't on our list? Have you tried one of these products and want to contribute feedback to the community? Message us in the Ovee chat!



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