Ovee: A tale of doubt, betrayal, and disruption

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

By The Ovee Co-Founders

Ovee began with the collection of stories. This is one woman’s story:

Day 0: What’s going on down there? So much itching and burning? I’ve extensively Googled symptoms for several hours. Is it an STD? Or maybe I’m pregnant? If Google says so it must be true…let’s hope it just goes away.

Day 5: Alright, I’m starting to think I seriously need to see a doctor. But what if it’s chlamydia? Would I have to call all of my previous partners? I would die of embarrassment. Maybe it’s nothing, I’ll just wait it out.

Day 8: Ok something is definitely wrong. I’m peeing every hour and the burning has gotten so much worse. I should call Planned Parenthood and schedule an appointment. Easy-peasy.